ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS have various firms located within Sydney's CBD and the Eastern Suburbs and are available for appearing as agents in Waverley and the majority of Sydney's local courts, as well as, Tribunals, for Notices of Motion, Directions Hearings, Call-Overs, Taking Judgements, Divorce applications, Examination Summons, Status Conferences, Return of Subpoenas, Pre-Trial Conferences, Pre-Trial Reviews, and other matters in Civil, Matrimonial, Criminal and Enforcement Proceedings. 

ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS are also available for agency work in conveyancing settlements and searches. We have vast experience in appearing on behalf of major law firms and provide efficient, reliable and cost effective agency work. If required we will provide the Principal with regular updates of the matter to ensure your instructions are maintained throughout the appearance and detailed reports will be provided via email or facsimile within 24 Hours of appearance.

We look forward to being of assistance, please provide your instructions on the matter via phone, fax or email.