(BA. L.L.B  L.L.M (UNSW) ) 


Mr Escobar holds an Arts Degree with a Double Major, consisting of Political Science and Sociology, from the University of New South Wales (B.A., 1999), a Law Degree from the University of Technology Sydney (L.L.B., 2004) and a Masters in Law with a Double Major in Corporate Commercial Law and Media Communications and Information Technology, from the University of New South Wales (L.L.M., 2005).  Mr Escobar was admitted as a Solicitor & Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2004, entered in the Registrar of Practitioners of the High Court of Australia in 2004 . Mr Escobar holds professional memberships in the Law Society of New South Wales, the New South Wales Young Lawyers Society, the Industrial Relations Society of New South Wales and the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Mr Escobar has also practiced in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, the District Court Sydney, the Family Court of New South Wales and various Local Courts of New South Wales.  


The firm was founded in 2007 by Johnny Escobar after having practiced and acquired many years of experience in various areas of law. ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS is different from other law firms as it provides excellence in legal services without compromising your needs. ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS understands the need to provide legal assistance that will accommodate, not only the professional community in detailed, complex and lengthy business transactions or legal matters, but also the general public, with the many, equally important issues that may be faced in day to day living, it does not matter how big or small the matter may be, such as conducting a simple business transaction, updating the Certificate of Title with correct personal details,  or assisting with financial or parenting consent orders in a family law matter, through to the selling and buying of property, divorce proceedings, and complex  civil or criminal litigious matters, ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS will assist in all matters with the highest standards of care, attention to detail and diligence that they all deserve. ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS will not base their standards of service on the characteristics of such matters, ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS  believe that the young couple buying their first home could one day be investing in a multimillion dollar business and attending their first complex commercial transaction, and that same couples parents might one day want a Will to be drafted, the point is that ESCOBAR & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS will value your matter as if it was their own, no matter who you are.